Gratnells Engineering is extending its interest in Motorsport via a sponsorship agreement with Venture Engineering, which specialises in precision motorsport parts.  Our logo appeared for the first time on a Venture Engineering-run, Aston Martin ROFGO entered V8, 480 bhp race car in April this year.  The car entered the UK round of the 2016 Le Mans series held at the famous Silverstone Circuit, for many years associated with the best of British motor racing and now an established centre of innovation and technology.


The car features a lightweight aluminium chassis, a state-of-the-art 951 fuel cell, the Xtrac 6-speed sequential gearbox and a carbon fibre propshaft. It qualifyed in pole position and achieved a 3rd place rostrum finish and a happy weekend for all those involved.

In a sector where British design engineering has created an almost legendary reputation, every component of a performance vehicle is subject to the highest levels of precision and performance.  Operations Director at Venture Engineering, Adrian Perkins, says the company’s collaboration with Gratnells is based on the same considerations that drive the sport. “Gratnells Engineering’s laser work is of the highest quality and delivered at speed”, he says “they understand what makes this business work and are always interested in the outcomes and application of the work they do.  We’re delighted they have chosen to get involved alongside us as a company sponsor of the Le Mans series.”

Gratnells’ Managing Director Murray Hudson agrees that the capability of the company’s BLM LT5 Tube Laser machine is akin to the performance levels expected in the competitive motorsport sector. “We were the first to introduce this standard of laser cutting in the UK and are able to process batches of round tube up to 120mm in diameter, square up to 100mm and rectangular, oval and elliptical semi-flat stock up to 120mm x 70mm.  The machine also has the ability to cut wall thicknesses up to 6mm (mild steel), aluminium alloys, copper and brass.  The motorsport industry sets its bar at the very highest levels and our growing interest in the sector is a measure of the quality we produce.”

He also points to a strong personal interest in the sport with a 15-year-old son, Rory Hudson, who is fast establishing a presence as one of the outstanding young drivers of British Kart Racing, with a number of trophies to his name.  In 2014 he was chosen to join the prestigious McLaren Performance Academy and is currently contesting the Super One Series championship, Junior Max Class, in a Tooley Motorsport Kart.



“Rory’s involvement in Karts has increased my own interest in Motorsports”, he comments “and is also adding to our overall knowledge of the sector.  We see at first hand how the drivers rely absolutely on their vehicle to ensure maximum performance.  For them equipment failure is not an option and that’s an approach we readily empathise with.  At Gratnells Engineering we’re looking forward now to a great future with motorsport.”